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American Sniper (2014)

Action / Biography / Drama


medium-coverChris Kyle was nothing more than a Texan man who wanted to become a cowboy, but in his thirties he found out that maybe his life needed something different, something where he could express his real talent, something that could help America in its fight against terrorism. So he joined the SEALs in order to become a sniper. After marrying, Kyle and the other members of the team are called for their first tour of Iraq. Kyle’s struggle isn’t with his missions, but about his relationship with the reality of the war and, once returned at home, how he manages to handle it with his urban life, his wife and kids.
Kyle returns to the base camp where a fellow SEAL congratulates him on his first kill. Kyle doesn’t appear to regret the killing but admits that he didn’t think this is what it would be like to protect his country.

Kyle continues to provide overwatch for marine units who are going door-to-door through an evacuated city, searching for an al Qaeda leader named Zarqawi. They are told that any military-aged male who remained in the city should be considered a threat. Kyle successfully watches over the troops, shooting many would-be attackers who carry guns and bombs. Kyle is dedicated to his job, even urinating in his post to avoid abandoning his watch. After a particular watch, Kyle reports that he had six kills, which is more than all the other snipers combined in the same shift. His fellow troops begin calling him The Legend. Also, a bounty has been placed on their heads by al Qaeda. Kyle also hears of an al Qaeda sniper who won a gold medal for shooting in the Olympics called Mustafa, known for making nearly-impossible shots.

Several times throughout, Kyle talks to his pregnant wife on the phone and she tries to get him to be honest and tell her about what he’s going through. He resists but they talk and laugh together. She complains that she has to put the crib together by herself and they express how much they miss each other. She also tells Kyle that his younger brother has been deployed to Iraq as well.